World Weta Intergalactic Match Racing Championship

Banyan Tree after Hurricane Irma

When you put Florida Weta Dealer, Dick Hitchcock and Weta Ambassador, Stephanie Taylor together, you never know what will be in store for you. The two of them have one thing in common, stirring up FUN for the fleet. Thursday, October 20th, sailors converged at the infamous Lake Banyan Tree (thusly named after Hurricane Irma blew through) for the First World Weta Intergalatic Tango 10 Match Racing Championship.

Serving as Regatta Chair, Dick briefed the sailors with sailing instructions as they perused the course map. His lifelong friend, Bill assisted the sailors as they climbed down the ladder and boarded their Tango 10.

Technical Difficulties

Round one was Young Eric versus Experienced Eric. One sailor had to start on port while the other was on starboard. Dick intensely watched the line as the race started. After rounding the second mark, Young Eric had a sizable lead over Experienced Eric. Suddenly, a rigging mistake stalled Young Eric giving Experienced Eric time to quickly catch up and blow past him. The rest was history. Round one went to Experienced Eric.

Steph vs Alan

Round two was the newly married Taylor versus Taylor. With beers in hand, laughter was heard echoing across the water. Spectators on shore were enthusiastically commenting on every tactic. There was some tight racing up to the first mark and then Alan took off downwind. At the finish, the two pickle forked boats were about to pop out a third for the fleet. (Dick would’ve been ecstatic!) Round two went to the elder Taylor, Alan.

As sunset was rapidly approaching, there was only time for the Finals, Experienced Eric versus Alan. At the start, Alan took off and never looked back leaving Experienced Eric struggling with the shifty lake winds. Since darkness was filling the sky, Dick used his lawn tractor and pulled the boats out of the water. Young Eric quickly wrapped the sails and tidied the boats on shore. Time for food, fellowship and MORE FUN!

Congratulations to Alan as our first World Weta Intergalatic Tango 10 Match Racing Champion! Until next year my friends….



Young Eric vs Experienced Eric

Taylor vs Taylor

Experienced Eric


Flying a Hull

Young Eric

Alan vs Experienced Eric

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