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From ZERO to 30 in 36 Hours


When it comes to sailing, we are always chasing the wind. At times, the wind ceases to exist or may be insurmountable. 2015 Zhik¬†Weta Nationals became the latter. Cue the insanity! Due to conditions, the majority of this friendly fleet…

Weta Camp: Not Just for Kids!


Who wouldn’t want to enjoy Summertime in Southern California with a cool sea breeze, perfect 70 degree temps and breathtaking blue waters? Eight Weta sailors took full advantage at the 3rd Annual Weta Camp hosted by Jared Brockway of Pierpont…

We’ll be back for WetaFest USA!


An early spring paradise lies in a beach resort community along North Florida’s Gulf Coast powdery white beaches and emerald-green waters. Fort Walton Beach is home to WetaFest USA, an event that just earned permanent status at Fort Walton Yacht…