Sailboat Surfing Day 5 and 6 – NYC

Saturday got the boat cleaned at “O Dark Thirty” and everything stowed. Yes, there are only a few things that I’ll get up early for…sailing is one of them.

This 42′ Beneteau sails like a dream. I am now coveting this vessel. Went out on the Hudson under the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. The “Around the World” racing teams headed out of Manhattan while we were on the water and up to Long Island. What a sight to see, 12 vessels all lined up perfectly, heading to their next destination.

Believe it or not, I was not a “Helm Hog” until the latter part of our sail. Maneuvered around all the traffic on the water and brought the vessel back into the marina. Not sure if it is easier to control a bigger boat or if it is this specific boat…perfect docking maneuver. Woo Hoo!


Dock party! Furry friends welcome!

We had to return to get provisions for the marina party which started at 3pm. These people know how to eat and drink. Felt like I was a wise guy, “Eating like I’m going to the chair”. We had steamed mussels in white wine, garlic, saffron etc and too much other stuff to name. Literally, I could not eat another bite. Met so many people.

Out sailing when we got up this morning. I jumped off the boat at the marina and headed to the airport.

I got asked time and time again to change my flight and stay another week.

I’m looking for some time to fly back up here to cruise to Block Island and some other northeastern destinations. (Sarah, there will be room on the boat for you when we arrive). Plus, I was informed that I have to be here for their champagne and lobster party.

This was a great trip. Got the flavor of the city and met more like-minded people at the marina. Several are coming to visit in NC.

Now, instead of one vessel for sailboat surfing, I have over a dozen to choose from plus some great new friends!

Time to board the plane back to NC.” See y’all soon!

***This occurred exactly one year ago.

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