Sailboat Surfing Day 3 and 4 – NYC

After closing down the marina bar on Wednesday night, I intentionally planned to sleep in Thursday until the sound of the rain stopped hitting the boat. Right before lunch, I ran into one of my so-called “Big Brothers” from the marina. Some of his pilot buddies were killing time as they waited for the CEO that they fly all over the country. We hit a fabulous restaurant in Jersey City as I heard all kinds of flight horror stories and all the logistical red tape of the FAA. These guys flew commercial for years and now their only job is to fly a private jet with the CEO of some major insurance company around the country. Sounds like quite the gig!

Headed to the city and used my directional skills to make it to the subway line I needed. Although, it ended up being a stop up and 30 more minutes of walking and circling. I must have a sign on my forehead that says, “Ask me for directions. I know where I’m going”. Another thing, what is up with all these freakin’ smokers in NYC…everywhere. Guess we’re lucky we don’t have to deal with that in NC.


S/V Isabella sailing on Hudson River

After 16+ subway stops and over 90 minutes later, I finally arrived in Harlem. Hit Central Park which is my favorite place so far. Could’ve spent an entire day there! Met lots of people last night…more stories to tell in person.

Since it was getting late and my sailboat surfing host was not in town to ensure I arrived home safely, I decided to spend the night in the city.

Today (Friday) was a whirlwind. After a few hours of sleep, hit Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Saks 5th Avenue and Grand Central Station. Now, that I finally had a few fleeting moments with wi-fi, I was able to download a subway app which made life so much easier…surprise, surprise. Figures, it was my last day in the city. It’s sailing time now!

S/V Isabella

S/V Isabella

Sailed tonight on the Hudson for about 2+ hours with another couple from the marina. Knowing right of way rules is imperative here. Barges, ferries, water taxis, the “around the world” racing crews, spinnakers flying, etc. We saw a small sailboat just about get run over by a tanker. Heard the warning horn and then…too close to call. Thought we were going to witness a catastrophe! The small sailboat tacked at the very last minute….crazy!

One of the guys in the marina that we sailed with owns a Korean Crepe restaurant. Nothing like an oxymoron. What started as a food truck turned into something bigger. We headed there for dinner.  Fabulous!  Would definitely go back.

I need to get to sleep soon after a late Thursday night. Up early to clean the boat and sail. After that, a marina party in the afternoon going til who knows when???

For all the sailors, I’ve learned some new terms from the guys…One of which is the “Dinghy Ride of Shame”….some very funny stories which I may share one day over some beverages. The other thing I’ve observed is that I have not seen a single person, man or woman who is as tall or taller than me and lives on a boat. Wonder why that is the case??? Also, everyone seems to have an issue with keeping their boat clean. People have downsized and still don’t have room for all their stuff to be stored on their boat. Compartments are completely filled, dock lockers are built and off site storage units are rented. It seems to be a very difficult transition to go from house/apt to just a boat.

On an important note, for those who I have shared my “sailing dream trip”, I met someone who did just that. He is going to send me all the details/logistics to incorporate into my plan. He chartered a 52′ Beneteau for 6 people but said 4 would’ve been perfection. Can’t wait to receive that!

Since the rest of my trip is now taking place at the marina, I’m sure that there will be plenty of crazy things that take place this weekend. For a certain group of you, lots of nicknames here….some good and others…well, you know. Of course, more stories associated with that. No, as often as it happens. I have not doled out any nicknames…yet.

Yeah, so much for getting to bed early. Need to get my rest for sailing this beast of a Beneteau tomorrow…until then..

***This occurred exactly one year ago today.

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