Sailboat Surfing Day 2 – NYC

Woke up this morning to a steamy, humid day. Met some people my age en route to the city. Justin was from DC and had his three-year old son and two-year old daughter while his wife was on some high-profile assignment with the US Embassy. Amber and her husband, Ryan are school teachers in Oahu, Hawaii and travel every summer in a low-key, simple manner. They hike and tent camp or sometimes splurge for an RV. They all have two days left at the campground next to the marina where I am staying and then on up to Boston. After that, Amber and Ryan head to Alaska for four weeks where they will hop from cabin to cabin along a 40 mile trail in the wilderness. It was fun chatting as we were hopping on different forms of public transportation to get to the World Trade Center Area.

imageFirst stop on my agenda after a mile walk is South Street Seaport. Just wanted to peruse the Harbor Area and then take the Staten Island Ferry by the Statue of Liberty. Hoofed it all over Manhattan, stopped by the 9/11 Memorial and then walked along the waterway through many of the city parks.

I was exhausted after walking all day but soon perked up after arriving back at the marina. Drinking Salty Dogs, hearing stories from Wall Streeters to Blue Collar Workers and everything in between. We closed the marina bar down tonight sitting on the water with a perfect view of Manhattan.

I determined very quickly that NYC is not my type of place. Although I love the whole city scene, this place is just filthy and smelly pretty much everywhere except for the waterfront. I always say, “You never know if you like something until you try it”. Having said that, don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon. Unless…I’m back at the marina to hang out with the cruisers.

***This occurred exactly one year ago today.

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