Sailboat Surfing Day 1 – NYC

***It’s interesting how quickly things change. This trip was initially planned to visit a friend who relocated to NYC last year. Unfortunately, she is predisposed after some unplanned surgery. Thus, begins my first solo trip of the year. As luck will have it or maybe the better option, it’s the universe doing its thing. Instead of staying in a ho hum hotel, I am staying on a 42′ Beneteau. Woo Hoo!!! Now, I have great anticipation about all the wonderful fellow sailors and new friends that I will meet at the marina. I’ll have time to see a few sights during the week and then the sailing begins bright and early Saturday morning. What a great way to see a city from the perspective of the water!

S/V Adventure

S/V Adventure

Home for the week

Before I go any farther, I know a few of you are freaking right now. I will refrain from mentioning any names. No, I am not staying on a complete stranger’s boat. I am staying with a friend of a friend, someone who is not a serial killer or axe murderer. Now that I’ve clarified that, I can continue on…

I’ve been through LaGuardia too many times to count. Although, I know it’s hard to believe, this will be the first time that I am actually exiting the airport and wandering the streets of the Big Apple. It may sound strange to some but I am actually very excited about experiencing all the sights, sounds and even smells on my own. No one will be here to distract me as I take it all in except the strangers that I choose to speak to. On second thought, maybe I should limit my conversations so I can focus on what’s around me, difficult as that may be….

As I ventured outside LGA, the intense heaviness of the air hit me like a slap in the face. No more fresh, cool breeze like¬†I was used to after being on the water for two weeks. I immediately sensed smog and the thundering boom of jackhammers hitting the ground. My driver spoke some language that I was not at all familiar with so I sat in silence taking everything in during the 45 minute ride to the marina. Some of the things and people that I saw as my car whisked by reminded me of a world unknown. I always loved the hustle and bustle of big cities like my hometown of Chicago. Although, this is nothing like I was ever used to….different, just different and dirty.

Once I arrived at the Marina, I was so glad that things worked out the way they did. Way better than a hotel. I absolutely love this boat!!! Forward and aft berths with two heads and center cockpit. When Mickey, the Beneteau owner, got home from work, I headed back to the marina after exploring the neighborhood all afternoon. I was greeted with the best vodka tonics I have ever had. Notice that was plural. Since it was raining, he said we could not go out for the evening. I said, “Even though I’m sweet, I won’t melt!” So instead, he prepared dinner for me too. What more can a girl ask for…beverages, food, and great conversation about sailing. I feel like I’m his new BFF.

Can’t wait to sail this boat over the weekend. Yes, for those who know me as the night owl that I am…don’t fall over when I say… I am getting my booty up at 0 dark thirty to make omelets and be out on the water. We must be back for the marina dock party in the afternoon with all the cruisers.

I’ll see what I come across in the city tomorrow. Got a street smart talk before bedtime from someone who has lived here his entire life.

***This occurred exactly one year ago today.

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