Kids Rockin’ It At Sailing Camp

School is out for the summer!  Kids kick it off by rockin’ it at Lake Townsend Yacht Club Sailing Camp June 11-15.  With 6-10 knots most of the time, kids got their monies worth in wind.  Non-stop action in between chalk talk and land drills kept everyone highly engaged, without any idle time. After a key safety briefing, the focus was on FUN, CAMARADERIE and SEAMANSHIP.


Starting on day one instructors and sailors headed outside for a fun game to bond everyone which was followed up by an interactive show and tell.  Next up, the basics of sailing were introduced along with some knot practice.  Utilizing an invaluable tool, the group then headed back outside to practice what they had just learned on the Terra-Fin.


Signals were taught and the sailors knew exactly what to do on the water during drills whether circling to port, starboard, or following the motor boat.  Every sailor stayed in the sailing area and followed directions.


Each day the focus was on one skill with a debrief followed by more skill practice.  It was AMAZING, the majority of kids enthusiastically read their books so when we reviewed during a chalk talk or land drill, they knew their terminology.   


One on one’s with the sailors occurred during the week so each had specific, private feedback and knew what to focus on to improve their speed and maneuverability especially during the “Adventure Sails”.


During some brief times of light wind, fun, creative activities like the “Freestyle” were pulled out of the instructor tool box.  The kids never got bored!


Not only were the sailors learning, so were the three newer assistant instructors.  The two junior sailors that volunteered as assistant instructors, Jack Clodfelter and Jackson Pickard were taught how to set up the VHF radios, put the proper equipment in the power boats based on the needs for the day and set marks.  One of our newer assistants, Angela Mattern was taught all of these things as well along with powerboat skills such as driving up to marks based on wind conditions and docking practice.  By our second day on the water, each member of the instructor team had their assignments and executed them like a well oiled machine.


On the final day of camp, parents were invited to an awards finale which included a brief video illustrating some of the activities that their juniors participated in during the week.  After awards were presented to a handful of the sailors, most of them wanted to know how they could keep sailing and gain more experience.  All were given information on LTYC membership, High School Sailing, and the Green Team.  Photos and videos from the entire week were compiled and sent out to the all the parents and sailors that participated.


After class commenced, private one on one coaching and feedback with the Lead Instructor was given to every junior sailor and parent that wanted to participate.  It came as no surprise that the entire class and their parents anxiously waited for their turn.


A special thanks to George Bageant, Angela Mattern and our two Junior Assistants, Jack Clodfelter and Jackson Pickard. For all those that were a part of this one…I’m not sure who had more FUN, the students or the instructors.  I think it was a tie!

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