How it all began….

It was almost a year ago when I started writing about my various sailing adventures and sharing them imagewith friends, sailors and non-sailors alike. It is the stories and crazy events that people always yearn to hear more about. After receiving all kinds of positive feedback, I decided to officially document my adventures.

In this day and age of living in the rat race we call “life”, too many people don’t take the time to disconnect from the real world. Technology has taken over and rules our lives. Sailing has provided me that opportunity to completely disconnect and be one with nature whether cruising or on a day sail on my Weta Trimaran. There is something magical about being out on the water with your senses taking in all your surroundings: the smell of the salt in the air, the stars shining in the sky on a clear night reflecting off the water, water gently lapping against the hull on the boat rocking you to sleep. To me, this is bliss!

imageSince it is winter here now, I am longing for the Spring as the days get warmer so I can get out on the water with friends and enjoy! Soon enough…new adventures will begin and I can’t wait to share them!




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