Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Savannah!

image imageWho knew that this seaport which stretches 18 miles along the Savannah River fromimage the Atlantic Ocean is the #4 Port City in the United States?  After getting approval for $200 million in funding, dredging will soon begin to deepen the harbor.  The effects will most likely move Savannah’s ranking up to #2 in the country.

No surprise…Upon my arrival in Savannah, I was immediately drawn to the river front.  A cold, blustery, overcast day didn’t stop me from walking along the water lined with boats.  I couldn’t wait to see the green river while celebrating this infamous holiday which draws over 1,000,000 people for one of the largestimage parades in the nation.  Little did I know, the green river was just a fallacy.  Back in the day, 1961 to be exact, the one attempt to dye the imageSavannah River green didn’t quite work so well when the current swept the green effects out to sea. Forty-five gallons of green dye were emptied from each boat that spanned the 600-foot wide channel.  Consider this a “one and done”.  Today, just the fountains throughout the city are dyed green instead.

When it comes to green attire, anything goes in the Emerald City on March 17th. image Expect the unexpected!  Even the four-leggers get into the festivities.  Party like its 1999, walking through one of the 21 famous City Squares with your favorite beverage.  Feel free to even walk up to the po-po and ask for directions as you sip your drink.  No problema!  Another imageoption is to sit on the famous “Forest Gump” bench while looking up at the live oaks with moss hanging down in this haunted city.  (The bench had to be moved because it started backing up traffic throughout the entire historic district.)

This is one one those walking cities that is easy to navigate, has incredible food, culture, historical reverence and houses the largest alligator ever caught 19’2″.  (Couldn’t help another reference to “Swamp People”.)  There’s so much to do, so much to explore.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be back for St. Patrick’s Day 2016?


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